Norwich 1450

The wealthiest city of Gothic England

Norwich is one of the great medieval cities. Incredible wealth flowed into the city in the fifteenth century Norwich gained its charter, rich merchants built fine houses and churches, trading links with the Low Countries and northern France brought in cosmopolitan styles  in painting and stained glass.

Visit Norwich with our audio tour and meet some of the characters who made the city what it is today - merchant Toppes, Machiavellian politician Wetherby, and bishop Walter Lyhart, a diplomat and patron of the arts.

We start at Dragon Hall, a unique merchant's trading hall, visit Tombland and the Cathedral, Blackfriars - the only surviving friary church in any English city - the old cloth trade area of Charing Cross, several fine churches, the market with its fifteenth century Guildhall, and Saint Peter Mancroft - the church on the market place, in its ornate late Gothic dress an assertion of the city's pride and aspirations.

This podtour is narrated by Robert Malster, an East Anglian local and maritime historian, born and bred in Norwich, where Podtours is based. We are proud of this fine city and we believe it shows.

Price: £5.50

If you want to visit the cathedral in greater depth, we also have a Norwich cathedral Podtour available.