Medieval Rome

From the early Christians to the power of the Popes

Baroque Rome and the Rome of the ancient Empire are probably better known, but the city has a wealth of early Christian and medieval architecture. In this podtour ™we go a little way off the beaten track to find some fine mosaics, unusual frescoes, visit a fortified monastery, and see a unique medieval house decorated with the fragments of classical buildings.

Many sightseeing tours focus on the big sights - this is your chance to find some undiscovered corners of the city. We start at the little church of Santa Pudenziana, and end up on the Aventine Hill, fitting in a temple to Mithras and one of Rome's most peaceful cloisters on the way.

One of our customers said "You helped me find some sights that just aren't in the guidebooks - and that I never would have thought were so interesting. A pagan temple under a medieval church - that's fantastic!"

This is one of our longest podtours™ in terms of miles walked, and there are a few hills to climb, but it's well worth it - we end with one of the best views in the entire city.

Price: £4.50


When in Rome, they say, do as the Romans are some of our favourite curiosities and “off the beaten track” sights in the city.